Kristin Williams, DVM (USA)
I have an iFEED and I absolutely love it. It has literally saved me and my horse’s life.
When my horse was diagnosed with gastric hyperkeratosis and needed frequent small meals of pellets only - no hay ever again - as part of the treatment protocol, iFEED was the only feeder that could deliver what he needed. He is fed 3 to 4 small portions every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. The most natural way, given his unnatural diet! Many thanks to iFEED for all of their support and guidance along the way.

Dr. Brown, DVM (USA)
I recently tested 18 performance horses that had been using the iFEED feeder for the past 9 months. For the first time in my career all tests came back negative for ulcers. Up to 80% of performance horses suffer from ulcers and to see 18 horses all test negative for ulcers is unheard of. Using iFEED has clearly made a positive impact on the health and appearance of these horses.

Lauren Crooks, Show Jumping (USA)
After two colic surgeries, we were recommended to try the iFEED for our mare. It’s actually been pretty incredible! It’s helped her intestinal comfort level to be able to have food that processes through her body without actually irritating it. Since she is constantly eating means she’s happy, and she now has a pretty normal lifestyle with a feed program that allows her to stay comfortable and healthy. The whole thing has made a world of difference. The company was really helpful in installing the feeder and telling us how to use it. It’s nice because you can customize the program for the horse and you can fully manage the situation. We just took her to her first show as a test run to make sure it would work there, and we had it running at the show 24/7. It was really easy to move back and forth.

Randi, NC (USA)
Thank you so much for introducing our farm to the iFeed. It has been a lifesaver for one horse in particular and myself. We have a mare diagnosed recently with Delayed Gastric Emptying and she is no longer allowed to have any hay. I was skeptical at first because we soak all of our feed which isn't possible using the iFEED. It also wasn't going to be reasonable to try and feed her small meals throughout the night.( I do need some sleep). Our solution is to soak what we feed her during the day and at night check. Her other 8 meals are delivered about one pound at a time over the course of the late afternoon and overnight. We give her a feed tub full of a flavored water called Equitea (our vet clinic manufactures it) and the pellets drop from the iFEED into the bucket full of liquid. It slows her down some and she stays hydrated. She is very happy and really doesn't seem to miss having hay in front of her.
It is a super product and could be useful in many situations. One that immediately comes to mind is for young horses. It is a way to disassociate people from food. It can also come in handy for a horse coming home from surgery or any situation where you may need to offer multiple small meals. I feed a forage based diet so the majority of our horses get very little feed but for a hard keeper or horses prone to ulcers, it is a real game changer.

Carla in WI (USA)
​We just love the iFeeds!
Our paint, who usually drops weight during the winter, looked his best ever.
Their coats were shiny, too!
It really gives us peace of mind ;)
We also noticed that the amount of manure decreased, as you said. Bonus!
We still have not completed everything in the new barn but we do have the stalls in, the arena is great, and we just got a gaited horse, yesterday! Surprise....! We need another iFeed!

Kathie, CA (USA)
We finally got the feeder set up. My horse has been on 100% Elk Grove sunshine forage since April 1. He has adapted great to it. I love how calm and even tempered he is. He no longer is worried about food. He hasn't had diarrhea or fecal water since we started him on it.