IFEED - Feed dispensers

Learn all about the features of our feed dispensers for horses

Individual horse feed dispenser for broken, pre-grinded or whole grains and other compound feed and 3-5 mm pellets.
No long, thick pellets, hay or straw.

All feed dispenser feed simultaneously 2 / 4 / 6 or 10 times a day according to your need. 10-12 times is the most common frequency.

Each dispenser can feed individually from none to fifteen feedings.

Amount of feed at one feeding is approx. 0.15 litre. At 15 feedings approx. 2.0 litres per feeding time.

Advantages for the horse and its owner:

The horse eats slowly but often, produces a lot of saliva and gets less inflated (reduced risk of colic and stomach ulcer).

The owner saves both feed and time. He/she can sleep later in the morning, go to work or to town and still have the horses fed.

Power supply DC 24 volt (no danger to neither humans nor animals).

We market two types of specially designed feeders. Depends on the amount of horses.

The clock controls the feeding time and can be set by the owner. Minimum 15 min. per feeding time.