About iFEED

IFEED Horse Feeder, 0 – 15 helpings.
Individual feed dispenser 10,5 litres.
Broken, pre-grinded or whole grains or pellets of 3-5 mm.
No long, thick pellets, hay or straw.

Advantages for the horse

  • Fill the horse feeder, set the dispenser on 1–15, (at 10 it provides 1-1,5 litres depending on the type of feed)
  • The timer provides power in 15 min 1-48 times a day (normally 10-14 times) Eksample: turns on at 06.00 and turns off at 06.15 = 1 feeding.
  • When the power is on, the dispenser provides the first feeding after approx. 75 seconds.
  • It takes half a minute before next feeding (the horse is fed every half minute).
  • On the timer you set the hours of feeding as you wish.
  • In the dispenser you can set the amount of feed at 1 - 15 portions.
  • Minimum amount of feed is one helping or approx. 0,1 – 0,15 litre and the max amount is 15 helpings or approx. 1,5 – 2,0 litres. The feed does not need to be measured out; the dispenser does that.
  • There is no waste and the horse makes the best use of the feed and there is no bustle in the stable before feeding.
  • Less bedding and less stress (horses grass approx. 20 hours a day).
  • The horse feeder can be switched off when the horse is not in its box. The switch is on the inside of the engine compartment (off when the switch i opp and on when the switch is down). You can adjust helpings during feeding (the little red, blue, grey or white botton = 0 – 15 helpings), but the impact will only appear at next feeding.
  • You can always ad new feed on top of the feed that is already in the dispenser from a previous feeding (first in is first out).
  • The horse needs to eat often, little at time but enough. The horse's saliva destroys the gastric acid = hydrochloric acid. The more often the horse eats the more saliva it will produce.

The dispenser needs to be kept clean in order for the components to work properly.

Advantages for the owner

  • Saves 20 - 30 % feed (no waste og better utilisation of the feed).
  • Able to dispense up to 720 times a day.
  • Allows the horse owner sleep a bit longer in the morning, go to work or go to town and still be good to his horse.
  • Power supply: AC 24 volt, 2 amp. from 1 to 16 dispensers, 4 amp. from 1 to 32 dispensers. Integrated timer, circuit breaker, red light for alarm and green for power.
  • 24 volt - no dagner for neither humans nor animals.
  • Yearly power consumption about 1 UDS or less than 1 euro!

Registered trademark and patented